Communications and Allied Industries Pension Fund

Generally the Fund has investments in the following areas:

These include several office blocks, commercial and industrial properties, which are being let out competitively.

These include: Kopje Plaza, Runhare House (Tel.One HQ), Causeway Building, OK Bazaars HQ etc.

The Fund has an 18% interest in the Joina Centre. The Joina Centre is an upmarket property which has office and retail space with three basements which can accommodate 500 cars.

The Fund will continue to explore opportunities in the Property sector to hedge against inflation.

These involve a variety of money market instruments held with the various financial institutions.

This portfolio is reviewed daily to ensure the best returns.

Currently the Fund’s money market portfolio is predominantly made up of Bankers’ Acceptances.

These are prescribed assets which the Fund is required by law to hold which currently stands at 20% of total assets.

The Fund is also negotiating for a reduction of the ratio held to enable better exposure to more profitable instruments.

The Fund participates in both quoted and unquoted shares on a selective basis. The returns from this type of investment have been generally good.

The Fund generally uses the Active Portfolio Management strategy. This strategy involves buying and selling of shares on a continual basis to take advantage of share price volatility.

To counter the negative effects of inflation on investments the Fund through the Zimbabwe Association of Pension Funds is involved in negotiating with the government to be granted permission to invest outside the country.

FRAUD HELPLINE : +263 800 4327