Communications and Allied Industries Pension Fund

Conversion of Pension Benefits

All former members of the Communications and Allied Industries Pension Fund are hereby advised that the Fund has completed the conversion valuation of all pension benefits from Zimbabwe dollar to United States Dollar.

Therefore all former   members of the Communications and Allied Industries Pension Fund who resigned/ were discharged from the services of Net One, POSB, Tel One or Zimposts and whose pension benefits were not yet paid as at 31 January 2009 are requested to contact the Fund and submit their banking details for processing of payments.

Further details can be obtained from the following    e-mail  addresses :-

E-mail: makufac@caipensions.co.zw

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pension increase after I retire?2023-11-08T12:33:01+02:00

Pensions are reviewed yearly by the Trustees who depending on affordability will award an increase.

What happens to my medical aid cover if I leave?2023-11-08T12:33:00+02:00

If you retire you will be able to continue contributing towards medical aid cover with the Fund paying the employer potion of those contributions. However such cover is not extended to those who resign or are discharged.

How much do I get when I retire?2023-11-08T12:33:00+02:00

You will elect to receive a lumpsum amount and thereafter a monthly pension calculated using your age, service and salary. This amount varies from person to person and you can contact the Fund for a calculation result.

Do I have a say in the running of the Fund?2023-11-08T12:32:59+02:00

Yes. By voting for member Trustees you are selecting your representatives who will administer the Fund on your behalf. It is up to you to monitor the performance of your representatives.

Can I leave the Fund when I want to?2023-11-08T12:32:58+02:00

Once you become a member you cannot leave the Fund unless you do so as a recipient to a benefit payable on resignation or discharge. Retired persons continue to be members of the Fund

Can I leave the Fund when I want to?2023-11-08T12:32:56+02:00

Once you become a member you cannot leave the Fund unless you do so as a recipient to a benefit payable on resignation or discharge.

Retired persons continue to be members of the Fund



Pension Benefits

Pension Benefits



Online Forms

Online Forms

Notice to all CAIPF Pensioners

The following links contain names of pensioners of the Communications and Allied Industries Pension Fund (formely PTC Pension Fund) who have not submitted their Certificate of Life forms and whose whereabouts are unknown and have not collected their pensions.

Would these pensioners contact our offices and if anyone has information about their whereabouts, would you please refer them to our offices.


Following the announcement by H.E President E.D Mnangagwa on further preventative measures to combat the spread of the highly infectious Corona virus, the Fund will be instituting the following measures to be observed by ALL CAI Pension Fund employees:

  1. Hand sanitization at all Fund entrances and access points and our offices. All employees to be provided with MASKS.
  2. No personal visitors to be allowed at the premise
  3. Heightened disinfection procedures of surface-(Cleaners to be thorough)
  4. Heads of Departments to rotate staff by having half at work and the other half on leave (Heads to liaise with HR)
  5. Where possible assists clients via phone or other non- contact means-Digital Platforms (whatsapp; e-mails; website; bulk sms)
  6. Bulky sms to be sent to pensioners advising them of the new development to combat the Corona Virus
  1. In the undesirable position of a client having visited the Fund, priority to be given to elderly customers and pensioners as they are the most vulnerable demographic group. Staff to put on MASKS and are to use the INTERVIEW ROOM
  2. Ablution facilities to be cleaned regularly
  3. Avoid the use of paper and use soft copies and e-mails
  4. Practice social distancing of at least 1.5m
  5. Avoid handshakes

The Fund remains committed to creating a safe environment for all stakeholders and thus will continuously put in place necessary interventions and real time protocols and will take heed of continuous Government Guidance in dissemination and preventative measures in combating the spread of CORONA VIRUS.






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